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Welcome to 'Tinos' island

Mareva shares her Tinian travel tips 

Tinos is one of my favorite islands. It's a 3-hour boat drive away from Athens. Located in the Aegean Sea amongst the Cyclades, Tinos is known for its distinctive buildings and art. Tinian houses conform to the custom of Cycladic architecture and are predominantly Grecian white and blue. Traditional windmills and decorative dovecotes are dotted amongst the landscape and give the hilly island its distinctive feel. Tinos is also home to a rich artistic and craft culture. In the hands of many of the islands craftsmen, Tinian marble has been transformed to decorative architectural elements, fountains and sculptures that you can see everywhere. It’s a perfect collision of art and the everyday.     

The town of Tinos, the main capital of the island or ‘Chora’ as it is known in Greek, has plenty of interesting places to see. The Archaeological museum has a rich collection of pottery, vases, clay pots and ancient coins. Art Gallery of the Evangelistria Foundation of Tinos includes works by Tinian arts such as Nikiforos Lytras and Nikolaos Gyzis but also other important works by Greek and foreign painters. I never leave the island without visiting the church of Evangelistria, home to the the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary.   

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