Framed Environments

Zeus+Dione launches "Framed Environments", a collection inspired by the geometric abstraction of shapes and forms with emphasis on the harmony of the panels and the sense of elegance.
A continuous dialogue with the forms and colors develops onto concrete surfaces with intense contrasts, geometrical patterns in color blocks as well as contrasting textures and fragmented pieces in the same garment. The design of shapes and forms stands in the core of the line, removing all excess and focusing on high aesthetics.
The exquisite textures in silk,linen and cotton are embellished with fine hive-styled lace. The color palette,­ dominated by the black and white contrast-,in composition with golden plated foils weaved in silk is brightened with turquoise,fuchsia and stripes of colors.

Photography: Olympia Krasagaki
Styling: Stelios Stylianou
Models: Kamilla, Aggeliki Tsionou