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FW 2016

According to Greek mythology nature is sacred and needs no alteration. Every plant, tree, animal and all the “abiotic components”, water, air, soil are sanctuaries. According to a myth Gaia was the personification of the Earth, she was the Goddess who gave birth to Earth and created a nature with monumental landforms, impassioned skies and vigorous seas.

The Collection uses as inspiration the romantic naturalism that one discovers from an aerial view of Greece. The rolling hills, winding paths and the crumbling Greek temples seem like an ancient work of art and evoke the creation of a set of culturally constructed emotional
responses. This harmony of natural world is an aesthetic experience that you capture from an aerial optic spectrum.

The sharpness of ultramarine blue, the depth of forest green and the intensity of clay are three shades that characterize the authenticity of the environment. Combining these three colors with black, white and gold we created the Aethe-Real Collection. Fluid elements along with motionless stone become the metamorphic formations that exist in nature and used in the Aethe-Real Collection in order to express the purely feminine sense and the mystic hints of the feminine figure.

Collection Images: