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O d y s s e y


Nostos is a Greek literary theme where the narrative centres around the physical and spiritual return to home after an epic journey. No other story embodies this concept like The Odyssey, written by Homer in the 8th century BC. The poem is about the legendary King Odysseus and his 10-year expedition across the seas back to his native Ithaca, following the Trojan War which he had fought and won. Along the way, the eponymous hero is confronted by natural and supernatural threats in order to test his bravery and wit before he is reunited with his family. Following the footsteps of Odysseus’ adventures, this resort 2018 collection by Zeus+Δione goes on an epic voyage around the Aegean.


The overall look is thoughtfully dramatic, much in the way of the story that inspired it. Evoking the impression of Odysseus’ sails, the light and pillowy silhouette is emphasised through generous cut, gatherings and pleating, whilst wide sleeves, asymmetrical hems and geometric bold panels act like wind-catchers. To stabilise the volume, emphasis is brought in with high waisted skirts and trousers. The Greek heritage is honoured with references to traditional pirpiri, seen in the silhouette of the dresses, vests and kaftans.


Decorative details that celebrate Greek craft transport each garment onto an Odyssean expedition of know-how. Hand-made silver buttons in the shape of nautical knots and symbols, made in small workshops around Athens, remind us of Odysseus’ maritime adventures. Inspired by sea waves, hand-made trims, woven on traditional looms in Athens and Crete, suggest a subtle reference to Penelope, the wife of Odysseus who was also a weaver and patiently waited for her husband to return. Made in the Peloponnese Argos, the embroidery on blouses and kaftans is inspired by the traditional chemise of Kyparissia.


Tones of navy, sand and sea blue alongside richer golds and cherry reds, colour the collection. The Zeus+Δione signature spathoto silk has received an update and comes in bi-colour combinations of sea blue/ivory and sand/ivory. Fine cotton hand-made crochet, knitted in the village of Parnassus, has been used in fringed graphic ponchos. A distinctive skirt with a black and white geometric print is inspired by the decorative houses of Pyrgi, known as the ‘painted village’, which is located on the island of Chios off the Anatolian coast.


Swimwear features the brand’s signature geometric colour blocking, whilst the story of the  Odyssey directs the design process. Nautical accessories, such as rope and metallic eyelets, decorate the designs that come in bronze, navy, ivory, black, grey stone, emerald, aubergine and pink. Hand-made sandals crafted by Athenian artisans using fine leathers have equally received an Odyssean update with embellishments such as metallic accessories, nautical ropes and hand-made cord embroidery. The Zeus+Δione signature Attiki and Ithaca bag ranges have been extended with new leather straps inspired by traditional embroideries from Peloponnese, Thrace, Thessaloniki and Nafplio, each made in the region of their origin.

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