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Angeliki Giannakidou

26 DEC 2020

Angeliki Giannakidou is passionate about the cultural heritage of Thrace. Born in Macedonia, she moved to Alexandroupoli to attend university and never left, devoting her life to the study of the folk culture of Thrace. Her life-long relationship with the Thracian customs and traditions led Angeliki to establish in 2002 the Ethnological Museum of Thrace with a mission to safeguard the authenticity of Thrace’s culture as well as promote the individual and diverse expression of the ethnic groups of the wider region. Housed in a neoclassical mansion, the self-funded institution not only showcases a rich ethnological and historical collection which has since grown to over 5000 items, but also features a diverse program of research projects, education activities, and outreach initiatives. Thanks to Angeliki’s dedication and hard work, the Museum has become the preeminent force behind the effort to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Thrace on a national and international level.

Angeliki Giannakidou, photo by Anastastia Adamaki.

Ethnological Museum of Thrace
Ethnological Museum of Thrace
Angeliki Giannakidou, photo by Alexoudis Dimitris.
Angeliki Giannakidou, photo by Alexoudis Dimitris.

How would you define yourself in three words? 

Creative, Persistent, Patient 

A project/initiative you’re most proud of?  

The Agriculture Museum Network in Northern Evros and Riza an initiative of creating a craftsmen and craftswomen network. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

From the Thracian culture, it’s objects, techniques. 

Which art/design/style icons you are most inspired by?

The unconventional Vivian Westwood and the elegance of Dries Van Noten

The Marriott Mena House, Cairo
The Marriott Mena House, Cairo

Which colours are you currently enamoured of? 

Ecru, blue, black  

What’s an accessory you had for ages? 

A Tuareg necklace jewel.

What item in your closet do you wear the most?

A hand embroidery dress made by the great creator my sister! 

Favourite destination and hotel?

Cairo and the Marriott Mena House, Cairo

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life? –

My stay with the Kalash in Pakistan and my trip to Kabul.

Photo: Adonis Kekidakis
Photo: Adonis Kekidakis
Photo: Adonis Kekidakis
Photo: Adonis Kekidakis
Photo: Dimitris Xanthoulis
Photo: Dimitris Xanthoulis

What souvenirs would you bring back home?

Traditional items filled with stories.

Favourite gallery/museum?

The Acropolis Museum. 

What is on your bookshelf?

Books, more books and a few picture frames.

What is your guilty pleasure?


What is your most treasured possession? 

My children, my grandchildren, my family.

Your idea of happiness?

That moment when you say to yourself that you did it, you have crossed on the other side of it.

Photo: Polichronis Giannakidis
Photo: Polichronis Giannakidis