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Curated by Vana Krimnioti

Architect Vana Krimnioti, curated today’s newsletter and shares with us among others, her favorite Architectural Building. She also discusses her inspirations and her daily ritual.



Photo credits: Olympia Krasagaki

News Paragraph: 
  3. Favorite Architectural Building

Casa Malaparte, Capri. Built in 1938. Its isolated location, the bright terra-cotta color, the inverted pyramid staircase on the roof, complete the image my desire.

  1. An object you carry along with you

My agenda / diary. It’s my tool that helps me be organized and make plans for the future.

  1. A daily ritual you follow

Everything around my wellbeing! Starting my day with a refreshing shower and taking my vitamin c. Morning coffee is very important along with a fruit. Preferably kiwi with cinnamon. I am having a healthy lunch -mostly vegetarian- I prefer to exercise in the evening and relax afterwards at home. All the above combined with my interaction with friends and family make my daily life special.


Your favorite Museum
Museums are like treasure boxes to me. I’m extremely happy that finally, EMST (National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens) opened again to the public. A very special building for its architecture, designed by the innovative architect Taki Zeneto, the location and views of the city from the inside are magnificent.

  1. What inspires you

Definitely from tradition. From Greek to different cultures tradition consist of a great source of inspiration. It’s the arts and crafts as well as habits and evolution of everyday living that always attracts my eye and fantasy.


  1. Your favorite place

Beirut is my favorite destination lately. Parts of the old town and life in the city are exceptional and show its past glory. People are polite and extroverts making visitors feel comfortable. A city full of wonderful tastes, smells, and curiosities.

Your favorite kind of music
Love French language. From the Joe Dassin to the contemporary Fauve and Bon Entendeur french music is my favorite.

Food place in Athens that you love
Taverna ‘Ta Kanaria’. One of the most original places in Athens. Feels like eating at my grandparent's courtyard /avli. Fish food of amazing quality.

Your favorite beauty product
Jade comb by HAYO’U. Based on Chinese Massage, this beauty Restorer comb helps reduce stress and tension. Before I sleep I run it through my head for a relaxing sleep. Lip balm from Buly in the most-chic container is also part of my beauty sleep

Beirut Monocloe
  4. Sports activities that you do

A combination of running outdoors and yoga for stretching afterward is my usual athletic practice.

Your favorite beverage
Greek coffee with mastic flavor. I get it from Messigianni, a traditional coffee shop in Athens since 1914.

Something you hooked on this month
I’m hooked on fasting. A vegetarian selection if foods leaving my stomach to rest for 16hours is this month’s goal. Tahini with carob products are my favorite because they are nursing and tasteful.

  2. Favorite book so far

Atlas of Furniture Design. Published in November 2019 By the Vitra Design Museum this book consists of an overview of the history of modern furniture design.

You never leave home without…
My miniature work tools!

Hair salon you love
I’m devoted to the Central hair 10years now.
He is definitely the color hair specialist. His place downtown in Psirri neighborhood has unintentional character in which I feel comfortable.

Atlas of Furniture