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Easter Egg 2019

Athens, 08/04/2019

ZEUS+DIONE, as every year, designs an exclusive collection of Easter Eggs – jewelry characterized by fresh style with a fashionable sense, forming an innovative and sleek result.

Easter celebrations signal the apex of spring, when nature’s beauty and euphoria enchant the mind, exactly the way this collection seeks to carry it away. The harmonious blend of Easter colors give the handcrafts an optimistic and sensitive touch, that suits every woman’s personality. These plain but thoroughly detailed jewelry hide a vigor that expresses the joy for the miracle of spring blossom. Always loyal to ZEUS+DIONE’s philosophy, this brand-new collection is made with semi-precious stones of unique quality and elegance and gilt bronze.

Υοu are welcome to meet the Easter Egg Collection 2019, on Tuesday the 16th of April, 13:00-20:00, in GB Corner Store, Hotel Grande Bretagne, Syntagma.

You can find the Egg Collection online at ZEUS+DIONE’s eshop.


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