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Harper's Bazaar - At home with... Dimitra Kolotoura


Neutral tones and eclectic art make for the basis of the Athens home of the Zeus+Dione co-founder


As the worlds of fashion and interior design become more intertwined than ever, our new series takes you inside the stylish homes of men and women working in creative industries, be it photography, art, fashion or film. Next up is Dimitra Kolotoura, co-founder of Greek label Zeus + Dione, who takes inside her bright Athens home - a two-floor space characterized by neutral tones and artisanal pieces. The Greek capital is undergoing an arts resurgence, reflective in the designer's chic house in the well-heeled district of Psychiko. 20th Century paintings hang next to homemade lighting, and neon artworks are juxtaposed with Brazilian illustrations. Here, Kolotoura she takes us through her Greek interiors odyssey.


[1] The bedroom

"I wanted to create a relaxing, warm and unpretentious space with a bohemian, natural feel where I could switch off and recharge. The hanging lamps are a result of a crafty afternoon. I made them myself after I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for - I knew I wanted them to be plain and in very specific dimensions. The bed frame was the complete opposite situation - I bought the frame spontaneously when I saw it in the window of a beautiful store in Athens, close to my home. I always try to support small businesses and shop locally where I can. The art above my bed is a 20th-century painting by an important Greek painter, Polychronis Lembesis. Although small, it’s full of emotion."


[2] The bedroom

"I happen to have a daughter with a great sense of humor, so very often she writes jokes or asks for things in a particular way. I like to keep everything she gives me and some I stick around my mirror as they bring a smile to my face every time I look at them."


[3] The terrace

"The terrace can become wild with plants and trees during the summer. I love sitting out here almost every night during the warmer months. My favorite time of year is when it is in full blossom - I love the smell of the gardenia and jasmine plants. I wanted to have a light grey base for the terrace so that the flowers stand out and take the leading role. I’m very attached to the garden and like to take care of it myself. It’s very meditative."


[4] The living room

"This is a room to escape and relax in. My partner is a great art collector and over the years I have definitely been influenced by his taste. This chair was bought at an auction at Sotheby’s a few years ago. I saw it and immediately fell in love. It’s designed
by the renowned Marcel Breuer in 1935 and is from the Bauhaus movement."


[5] The dining room

"I love to host dinner parties and always like to have a tabletop with a touch of glamour and nostalgia. I like to use old silver candlesticks and my silverware almost every day, with modern twists of green linen or a grey table cloth, colorful glassware and modern plates. The contrast of eras is always a winner."


[6] The dining room 

"I gravitate towards handmade pieces. I have embroidered napkins from my grandmother and others that I have made myself with the help of the talented ladies that embroider our kaftans. It’s something I’m keen to develop in the future - limited edition Zeus+Dione homewares They bring a personal and intimate touch to the dining table."


[7] The dining room

"This light is one of my favorite items. When Mareva and I started Zeus + Dione, I came out of my comfort zone and started exploring my city for materials, inspiration, and craftsmen in the most unlikely areas. One day as I was walking in the Psyri area of Athens - a bohemian neighborhood that's not a tourist mainstay - and I saw a small corner shop that looked like a gallery. Among the more common second-hand furniture was the gold lamp. I instantly bought it without a second thought."


[8] The hall

"Both these artworks hang at the entrance of the house in the hallway where everyone stands to greet each other. I wanted to bring an element of surprise and create a sense of fun. The neon art piece I bought in London from a gallery in Soho and the painting is actually by a famous French-Brazilian artist Seggi."


Photos by Olympia Krasagaki