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A Voyage Within


Written by Xenia Georgiadou


Patchwork capes, stunning doulamas, black felt pirpiri coats, linen shirts with embroidered sleeves and floral

kimonos captivate viewers at “A Voyage Within” – an exhibition by Vangelis Kyris and Anatoli Georgiev.



News Paragraph: 



Curated by Erica Vassiliou and presented at Kalamata’s “Victoria G. Karelia” Greek Costume Collection, the exhibition

can be interpreted as a series of crystallized impressions from the renowned photographer’s travels – imaginary and

real – around the world, or even as his interpretation of the management and renewal of tradition. Dressed in

traditional garbs from Asia and Africa all the way to the mountain villages of Epirus and the Dodecanese,

models pose with an air of melancholy or even pride in their gaze before the lens of the iconoclastic artist.


The photographs are then printed, thus assuming the physical presence of paintings,

before Anatoli Georgiev intervenes to embroider the printed

canvases, creating details of flowers, spirals, birds, ships and

many more elements typically found on the traditional garments of each land.

Nevertheless, the result is miles ahead of mere folklore representation,

offering an exceptional example of how tradition can take on a primary

role in modern aesthetics. The two arts intertwine, creating 47 unique portraits that shake

our certainties regarding what is truly modern.