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Welcome to the island of Syros

Dimitra shares her love for Syros island 

Ask Greeks and well-traveled foreigners about the Greek islands and you’ll get a number of responses.

I have to admit that even-though I’ve been almost to every beautiful island in the Aegean and Ionian sea the one close to my heart is Syros. Lovers of the elusive ‘Real Greek’ pretty much agree that this island is a special one.

News Paragraph: 
My favorite part is the town ‘Ermoupolis’ the town of Hermes.

I usually start my day having coffee at ‘ Ellinikon’ coffee shop and stare the vast square – one of the biggest in the country – with the famous 19th century town-hall , the work of the German architect Ernst Ziller ( founded in 1876).


My favorite beach is Agathopes – it is also close to my house and convenient for a family swim with my daughter.

The best walk is at 'Vaporia' area. 

It's the most picturesque quarter of Ermoupolis Syros. Vaporia is a beautiful neighbourhood around the port of Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros. Vaporia used to be the most important trading quarter of the island. Most trading deals took place in the port of Vaporia where products were loaded on the ships to be exported. 

Most of my dinners take place at this small 'restaurant' in town which is called ‘Kouzina’ and my lunches at ‘Allou Yiallou’ in Kini.

A must visit is the ‘Cyclades Art Gallery’. In its magnificent spaces there are periodically accommodated exhibitions, as well as a small theater, performing independent plays.

 Also the 'Historic Theater Apollon' is one of the major attractions of Syros and constitutes an emblem of the island’s cultural heritage. The Apollon theater hosts some of the most important cultural events, operas and amazing theatrical works from local and international theatrical troupes.