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ZEUS+DIONE teams up with Greek-born fine jewelry designer Eugenie Niarchos of VENYX offering a collection that consists of elegant and versatile pieces you can wear every day

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The pieces combine simple but yet unique details inspired by the Greek olive tree, elaia. Legend has it that Zeus offered a contest between Athena and Poseidon for the possession of Athens. Poseidon raised up his three-pronged trident, smashed it upon the hard rock of the Acropolis and out a salt spring sprang. Athena on the other hand produced an olive tree. This dramatic showdown between the two powerful Olympians was immortalized in stone, depicted on the West pediment sculptures of the Parthenon. The Athenians chose Athena’s gift and the olive tree has remained a central part of Greek life ever since for all of its profound qualities. It is believed that olive trees are a blessing for the Mediterranean region since history began






Working in gold, silver, olive wood and diamonds, Zeus+Dione’s special collaboration with Eugenie Niarchos offers the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as her eponymous fine jewelry line VENYX.

The ATHENA hoop earrings are crafted in 18kt gold and you can wear them as a single hook or as mismatched earrings with the different sized olive leaves. Make them your everyday signature!