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ZEUS+DIONE x Christina Soubli

Zeus+Dione is celebrating Valentine’s Day in collaboration with the designer Christina Soubli, presenting the “Blue Eros” pendant, a handmade gold-plated heart with a bright blue Lapis Lazuli stone.

Known for its luminous properties and considered to be an erotic gem associated with Venus, the heart embraces the deep blue color, activates positive thinking and symbolizes serenity and inner knowledge.

The intense blue blends harmoniously with the gold creating a unique bright two-tone easy to wear gold plated heart with a chain made by the characteristic filigree technique.

You can find the Blue Eros at:

Zeus+Δione flagship store, 6, Voukourestiou str., Athens


Jewelry photo credits: Manto Vasili

Portrait photo credits: Olympia Krasagaki