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Fall - Winter '20-'21

According to ancient Greek myth, nymphs are the divine custodians of the environment. The responsibility of these supernatural beings, or minor deities, is to care for specific natural wonders and landforms such as mountains (oreads), trees and flowers (dryads and melia), springs, rivers and lakes (naiads) or the sea (nereids). Since the antiquities, they have continuously inspired arts and culture with their demure grace, eternal youth and intoxicating beauty. The Pre-Raphaelite painters, known for their love of ancient worlds and the sensual way in which they expressed it, were particularly captivated by these divine spirits who animate nature.

They are also the transcendent muses for this Zeus+ Δione 2020 winter collection titled ‘Nymphs’. The collection is all about living in harmony with the environment. The colour palette is earthy with muted tones such as dark olive, midnight blue, navy, burgundy and black, punctuated with the clarity of cream and ivory. This season, Zeus+Δione signature spathoto silk comes in black as well as ivory along with understatedly elevated bi-colour black and blue, used in ‘Aura’ maxi dress. A very special tri-colour ice blue, burgundy and metallic spathoto silk has also been woven and it has been utilised for instance in the asymmetrically cut ‘Libra’ blouse. Material palette takes its clues from nymphic origins with the emphasis on naturalistic look and feel created with washed satins, crinkled light georgette used in blouses and trousers as well as crepe de chine in different textures.

Knitwear has a characteristic architectural quality synonymous with the brand. This season tops have been primarily constructed with panels made out of varying knit textures or combined with silks and viscose. Architectural features are also present in the cream sculptural tuxedo ensemble that consists of ‘Oceanid’ blazer with graciously voluminous
sleeves. Embroidered on ‘Hyades’ and ‘Melia’ dresses and also making an appearance in khaki gabardine cape ‘Homer’, a prominent eagle depicted in nature presides over the collection and makes a distinctive statement about strength as well as freedom. Velvet and suede details added on to garments such as ‘Melina’ skirt and ‘Aura’ dress enhance he tactile quality of the collection.

The accessories collection is tied to the mainline with few chosen colour highlights that inhabit the darker side of the spectrum. Burgundy, navy blue and black envelop or appear in details of classic Zeus+ Δione ‘Attiki’ and ‘Aronia’ bags as well as ‘Aestius’ and ‘Athena’ belts. All jewellery pieces made out of brass metal have been decorated with semi-precious stones or embroideries to enliven the collection.

Collection Images: