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Resort '19

60’s and 70’s idols such as Diana Ross, Wallis Simpson, Lauren Hutton, and C. Z.  Guest with their international flair and their appreciation of authentic Greek style, helped to create a distinctive style, characterized by vividly glamorous take on island life. Much like their predecessors captured in marble form, these symbolic emblems occupy a special place in our collective consciousness with their cool beauty that is impossible to capture and their style that transcends. Building on from Pre-fall 2018 collection inspired by Jacqueline Onassis, this Zeus+Δione Resort 2019 collection explores the ancient Greek word ‘idol’, or ‘eidolon’ and the way in which this concept has been captured in sculpture, as well as the modern-day heroines who embody enigmatic attitude with a powerful presence.

This inspiration has been translated into a silhouette that is femininely fitted on the waist but otherwise effortlessly loose to capture the nonchalant spirit of alluring island existence. The eternal beauty sculpted into white marble figures record the relationships between bodies and the material that surrounds them, manifesting in fluid Grecian draping, sculptural folds and a variety of pleat treatments. With an eye for detail, modern day icons will be drawn to elements that echo Doric and Ionic styles, shapes inspired by seashells as well as bold metallic thread embroideries and gold trims inspired by Greek folklore costumes.

There are three colour stories reflecting the different facets of an idol: an energetic fresh palette that consists of stone, coral red and honeycomb; a crisp natural one with navy blue, white, rich yellow and forest green; as well as a more daringly lavish combination that consists of black, gold, ivory and terracotta. Bold prints have been inspired by the sunken city of Hierapolis, translated into abstract ocean ripples in sea blue and white as well as terracotta outline drawings of high reliefs that decorate ancient buildings.

The arrival of ‘Idols’, also see the launch of the second Zeus+Δione sunglass style, titled Poseidon, this bi-colour square shape frame echoes 70’s. This season, the Ithaca leather bag comes in white and black with ocean ripples print on the handle. Sandals are hand treated with embroidered cords in spiral shapes.

Collection Images: