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Resort '20

With its powerful golden rays, the almighty sun has forever shaped the life and culture of Greece. It was the center of the universe for ancient Greeks and in order to honor the radiant heart of their heliocentric solar system, temples were built in accordance with the sun.

Orientated towards east to face the sunrise, the very architecture of these sacred buildings was to exploit the dramatically celestial effects
created by the distinction between bright, sun-flooded sections and geometric shadows cast by structural outlines. Exploring the vibrant intersection between contrasting elements, the saturated magic of sunlight and its relation to the strict sensibilities of architecture sums up the essence of this Zeus+ Δione resort 2019-2020 collection also.

Nowhere does the concept materialize better than in the plisse fabrics used throughout the collection. For ‘Cyclades’ statement dress, an original architectural sketch of an ancient Greek temple has been used as a black graphic print on an ivory background, whilst ‘Aphaia’ dress has a study of columns marked onto it.  Greek heritage and the tradition continues to have a strong presence in the collection. Linen caftans that come in brown, navy and turquoise have been embroidered with motifs inspired by a traditional costume from the island of Kalymnos. This season, Zeus+ Δione signature spathoto silk comes in a combination of cyan and green.

Collection Images: