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'Evzones' - The scarf of the Heroes

7 MAR 2021

Zeus+Dione celebrates The Greek Revolution with a scarf called ''Evzones'' the Greek word for the heroic soldiers who fought against the Ottoman occupation in 1821. 

Evzones are known for their distinctive uniform which turned them into a popular image for the ''Greek Uprising'', especially among foreigners. 
Nowadays Evzones is an emotionally charged word while the outfit of the superheroes is full of symbolism that Marios Schwab - being the creative director of the brand - has deconstruct taking important elements into a fresh narrative. Zeus+Dione's scarf is printed with a vibrant intricate pattern featuring pretty paisley swirls and ornamental designs full of symbolism drawn from antiquity, local myths, and fairytales.

This beautiful silk scarf has been made entirely in Greece and finished with neatly rolled edges.

'ELEFTHERIA I THANATOS' / 'Either freedom or death'
'ELEFTHERIA I THANATOS' / 'Either freedom or death'

'Either freedom or death'

A symbolic, powerful and motivating trademark that was widely spread in Greece during the War of Greek Independence. Surviving in history It is said that the five blue stripes of the Greek flag are numbered after the five syllables of the word E-LE-FTHE-RI-A and the four white stripes under these of 'I-THA-NA-TOS'. 

The Cypress of Mystras

A legend symbolizing the beauty and freedom of the Greek land.



The motif used in various Greek folkloric costumes in embroidery form.




Symbol of infinity that derives from Greek Nature.


A knot button widely used in folkloric outwear as a decorative fastening