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ZEUS+DΙΟΝΕ and the art of embroidery

19 OCT 2019

‘As we look towards the future, we must pass on the future generations the spirit of uncompromising quality’ Pier Luigi Loro Piana

One can say that embroideries reveal a big world full of traditional techniques and designs, ready to be preserved from generation to generation.

Embroidery is one of the most important and most decorative of Greek handicrafts, rich in traditional elements derived from a heritage of great antiquity and exceptionally varied in technique and design. Zeus+Dione draws inspiration from Greek embroidery motifs to create an accessories collection that brings in memory traditional Greek costumes.

As Greece is consisted of 52 departments, each of our designs comes from a different department of the country. Our first 12 designs have their roots in Thasos, Pindus, Macedonia, Astypalaia, Thrace, Mytilene, Magnesia, Karpathos, Messenia, Evros, Epirus, and, of course, Attica and are inspired of embroideries found on articles of clothing, such as chemises, kerchiefs, aprons, and also, household linen and hangings, such as sheets and pillow-cases, bed-covers and valances, towels and curtains.

(photos of straps and origins)

Designs are embroidered by hand on thick wool fabric, with silk and wool yarns, in different techniques such as stem stich, cross stich, knotted stich and darning stich.

To design one single strap, one needs to travel in different parts of Greece to pursue new designs and new techniques, that will make this strap unique worldwide.  

Find out all the beautiful combinations you can make with our straps.

(gif with Attiki bags and different straps)