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Pandora and the trailing serpent

Spring - Summer '22

It is time to revel in the spirit of liberation that comes with change and to flirt with the frivolous atmosphere that fills the air during hot summer months. There are no better symbols for this than the mythical figure of Pandora and the trailing serpent, both representing the seductive duality that inspired this Zeus+Dione spring-summer '22 collection. Pandora, who was the first mortal woman to be fashioned out of earth by the gods and who endowed her with charm, both allured with her beauty and was allured by the secrets in a jar. The trailing serpent on the other hand is not only a symbol of rebirth and creative life force but also suggests temptation.

These two starting points influence the recurring motifs that set the tone for this flirtatious collection. The keyhole necklines both reveal as well as disguise and are equally as narrow as they are deep. The decorative, embellished serpent on the other hand literally trails around garments seductively. The overall collection is marked by doric simplicity, an empowering play on geometric shapes created with dramatic cutouts and positively energetic use of colour.

Photographer: Katja Mayer
Makeup: Athena Karakitsou
Hair: Jose Quijano
Model: Sija Jure (Dmodels)

Collection Images: