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Small bangle-style bracelet with ivory details

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Valuable ornaments and artistic objects from different versions of aesthetics were always a sign of appreciation of the character of women and their contribution to human society, during centuries.

This time Zeus+Dione is inspired by two original gold bracelets, from the grave of Philotera, daughter of Anymone in Keramikos, Athens, dated between 200-225 AD exhibited (next to sculptures of Eros and Aphrodite-if this is true) at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

While various aspects of ancient culture affect Zeus+Dione designs, a new gold-finish metal bracelet with semi-precious stones in ivory enamel, mother pearl and mixed semi stones is the perfect addition to a unique collection of jewellery, inspired by the Greek Heritage.

Handcrafted in Greece.

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100% gold-finish metal


Use the pouch to store the bracelet
Avoid direct contact with water

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