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What an old garment can teach us for the future!

Cultural weekend at Costa Navarino

My weekend escape at Costa Navarino, was a relaxing and educational time for me. Costa Navarino is one of the nicest resorts in Greece. I was so excited and honored to represent ZEUS+DIONE during the “Cultural Weekend: Under the Spell of Greek Costume event”, an initiative by Benaki Museum in collaboration with Athens International Airport, hosted by Costa Navarino. I couldn’t wait to be amongst the old olive trees and the magnetic views of the sea. 

News Paragraph: 
Argo Vest / Argo vest is made by artisans in the region of Argos. It is decorated with rich embroideries in black ivory and emerald.

As seen in the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation museum, the traditional vest-like “sigouni” that was part of the women’s costume in the regions of northern Greece, is studied and remade by ZEUS+DIONE. It was used as outwear, made of silk fabric and embellished with rich embroideries of woolen yarns, sequins and breads.

In this year’s fall/winter collection, ZEUS+DIONE draws inspiration from the traditional sigouni to create  Argo vest that was part of the exhibition of Benaki Museum.

A modern interpretation

The “sigouni” has a new role now. It has become part of the outfit of a modern and confident woman that loves fashion and traveling and dares to bring back the ‘vintage’ and ‘traditional’ looks.

Cultural Weekend

I’m always very proud when I talk about the culture, and history of my country! Especially when it involves fashion. And here I am, on Friday evening at the exhibition space of Costa Navarino talking to journalists and bloggers from around the world about how ZEUS+DIONE draws inspiration from traditional Greek costumes to create modern luxury that transcends classical notions of style and design, incorporating exceptional quality, craftsmanship and innovation.


On Saturday we woke up on a beautiful view, under the Messinian blue skies. We went to a small amphitheater, where we watched the procedure of three brides from different regions of Greece, on their wedding day, and realized that it was impossible for a bride to get dressed by herself, she needed at least two women to help her. That’s a luxury indeed!

The brides from different regions of Greece

In the evening I had my presentation about ZEUS+DIONE and sustainability.

I talked about the aim of ZEUS+DIONE to pass on to future generations the spirit of uncompromising quality and creativity that is hidden in the regions of Greece in small villages where artisans practice and create history.

My presentation was followed by an open discussion led by the renowned Tamsin Blanchard, on the topic “How are tradition and craft preserved in fashion in the modern era?” The discussion took place at a dreamy location with a panoramic view of olive trees and the deep blue sea, during sunset. It was heaven! 

An extremely beautiful scenery that can be found only in Greece and its unbeatable!

Sunday marked the end of this immersive cultural weekend experience, under the older olive tree and a philosophical talk on the “Aesthetics in Ancient Greece”. 

''...under the older olive tree and a philosophical talk on the Aesthetics in Ancient Greece”

Looking back at this weekend I feel complete and inspired!
With plenty of new ideas drawn by the nature and history of this magnificent place!
I’ll definitely come back with my team for more inspiration.