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Painted porcelain glass by Maritsa Travlou

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  • Maritsa Travlou paints for Zeus+Dione. The universe of Greek artist Maritsa Travlou is full of vibrant colours and textures, in other words, full of life. Working predominantly with porcelain, she has been tirelessly experimenting on forms, techniques and the material for the last 30 years. Maritsa’s multicolored creations, which often take the form of marine creatures like fishes, sea jellies and sea urchins, are imbued with a painterly sensibility that attests to her background as a painter. Having spent her childhood by the sea, her large fish installations are as much about the majestic beauty of nature and her enduring passion for the sea as they are about memory. With a body of work that also includes monumental seascape paintings, hand-painted porcelain lamps, and sculpturally-framed mirrors, Maritsa’s soulful art practice is above all else an expression of the joy of life
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100% ceramics

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