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Recycled silk Bracelet

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    This bracelet is made out of Zeus+Dione recycled fabrics. Your purchase supports Zeus+Dione’ s engagement to “Plastic Free Aegean Sea”. The mission of this Corporate Social Responsibility program is to clean up coastlines and ports in the Aegean Sea. All proceeds of our recycled bracelets will be donated to the “Plastic Free Sea” program. Thank you for supporting our effort to protect the unique ecosystem of the Aegean Sea.

    Handmade in Greece.

    Any kind of discount cannot be applied.

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    Size Fit: 

    One size
    Adjustable length

    Product Material: 

    Recycled silk
    90% silk
    10% rayon


    Avoid direct contact with water

    Free Delivery for all orders above 250€
    Free Delivery for Greece

    14 Days Returns Policy

    Featured in "Plastic Free Aegean Sea"