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Spring - Summer '19

Summer. Everything is dictated by the commanding presence of the sun. Day folds effortlessly into the night. Elegance becomes earthiness. Through the looking glass of Mediterranean classicality, life is simple and beautiful.

This is the inspiration behind the Spring Summer 2019 collection by Zeus+Δione, a complete line dedicated to strong, assertive women. The ancient Greek aesthetics that steadily govern each Zeus+Δione collection are now met with a contemporary outlook. Neo-realistic references straight from the sixties and seventies are introduced through pristine lines, accented waists, and a sophisticated couture feel. New cuts bring dynamic fierceness to the equation. Doric simplicity is now engaged with an airy lightness to adorn the body in cotton, silk and, for the first time, linen.

Unique items of everyday luxury, dresses and caftans, swimsuits, sandals, leather bags and baskets,pay tribute to minimalistic elegance through pristine craftsmanship. Hellenic tradition is now reexamined in elemental forms: The handstitched embroidery is inspired by the folk designs of Leros and Nisyros. A blown up motif of an ancient Cycladic vessel is depicted on crisp white fabrics. Dresses and swimsuits reflect the gold and silver tint of the sun and moon. Rich blue silks celebrate the sea, sage greens pay homage to the land.
The Zeus+Δione Spring Summer 2019 collection is an incarnation of the Hellenic myth through the ordinance of unsurpassed aesthetics.

Collection Images: