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Greek Rice Pudding by Argiro Barbarigou

Greek Rice Pudding by Argiro Barbarigou

23 AUG 2020

For acclaimed Greek chef, restauranteur, TV host, and best-selling cookbook author Argiro Barbarigou, the finest dining experience is a home cooked meal. For the past two decades she has been sharing her passion for authentic Greek cuisine through her soulful recipes as well as her celebrated Athenian restaurant Papadakis. Since most of us won’t be travelling this summer, we asked Argiro for an easy recipe to bring the flavours and aromas of the Greek summer to our home. Known as rizogalo, this recipe for Greek rice pudding with mastic and cinnamon is Argiro’s go-to-recipe when asked to whip up a dessert at the last minute. Creamy in taste and velvety in texture, it can be savoured chilled as a sweet breakfast, light afternoon snack or comforting dessert but perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the recipe is spooning the caramelized leftovers at the bottom of the pot. Enjoy!

Greek Rice Pudding by Argiro Barbarigou
Greek Rice Pudding by Argiro Barbarigou



¾ cup rice, sticky or Carolina

1 pinch of salt

2 cups water

½ cup sugar

5 cup fresh milk

¼ tsp. ground mastic or vanilla

2 heaped tbsp. cornstarch

Cinnamon to serve


Put the rice in a pot with the water and the salt, and cook for 10 minutes.

Mix in 4 cups of milk with the sugar and mastic.

Once the rice is cooked, dissolve the corn flour in a glass of cold milk and pour into the pot.

Simmer until the rice pudding begins to thicken.

Still warm, divide between 6 serving bowls or tall Collins glasses.

Let it cool and chill. Sprinkle the greek rice pudding with cinnamon and serve.



There are many different versions of the greek rice pudding (rizogalo); it is an easy and creamy dessert that can be enjoyed all year round.

In the winter serve with a traditional fruit preserve, such as quince or sour cherry.

For spring serve warm with slices of fresh strawberry.

Enjoy frozen with plenty of cinnamon during the summer months.

In the fall indulge in a bowl of steaming rice pudding with caramelized apples and cinnamon.

Chef Argiro Barbarigou
Chef Argiro Barbarigou