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2013 Δ 2023

19 SUN 2022

Zeus+Dione celebrates a decade of pure artistry, authenticity and constant evolution with a token that features the Homeric representation of love, beauty and eternal youth in the joint depiction of the supreme God Zeus and the sea nymph, Dione, the parents of Goddess Aphrodite.

Tempted to illuminate notions that are difficult to define with words, Marios Schwab - creative director of Z+D - revisits the myth behind the brand, creating an anniversary charm. A symbol of renaissance and inner power, designed to channel both our natural proclivities and the good fortune we would like to manifest.

Bearing testament to ten fortuitous years, the 2023 anniversary charm resembles a gleaming drachma coin, originating in the ancient Epirote League and dating as far back as the Hellenistic Period. Threaded onto an intertwined rope chain, the gold-plated silver charm is engraved and embossed by hand at the front with the jugate heads of Zeus, wreathed with oak, and Dione, wearing a stephane and enriched chiton. The reverse is emblazoned with Melissa, the "Pure Mother Bee" and the nymph-nurse of Zeus, associated with diligence, purity and wisdom.

A momentous piece of jewellery made to be of now, as a reminder to be courageous!